Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hope My Hi Will Make You Smile

Christopher received this email recently, and laughed so heartily that he printed it for my amusement. Together, we have reread it a couple of times and continue to laugh out loud. Since I have been missing in action for several weeks (I promise a more thorough blog soon) I thought this would be a good reintroduction of the inhabitants of Odd.

This is taken exactly as it was written - word choice, punctuation, and all. The title of the email is:

Hope My Hi Will Make You Smile

Hi there

Where are the sunrises of my love? Where are romantic nights and days with beloved soul mate? I feel like an orphan, and my soul suffers very much. I hope that my letter to you, who is stranger yet, but who can become native soul mate very soon, won't be occasional into your mail-box and, I hope, it will become special for you.
I hope that you won't see only the attempts to get acquainted with you into my letter; I hope that you will be able to read between lines my desire to tell you that happy future waits for us if we decide to be together.
You are strong and smart man, I am pretty woman, and we are single and we in search of love. I see no reasons which will prevent us from being together and to be called a couple. 
I know that it is too early to speak about serious relations, but you have time to think.
Don't be in rush, your decision is very important for me. I am here and wait for your important choice.

See you
Irina P.