Wednesday, January 12, 2011


     modest. Mary is quite shy, and inwardly drawn around unknown people. Her quiet reserve are often mistaken for submissiveness, or meekness. Don't be fooled. However, her modesty is not simply bound by her timorousness. She often shows genuine acceptance of honest praise or critique for her work, and the work of her siblings. Mary does not require flattery, and signs of a sensible head peak through more and more.

     assertive. Mary's middle name is Ellen. Because of her penchant for howling when she did not get what she wanted as a baby we nicknamed her Mary Yellin'. She has no problems with asserting herself. This can be a good thing when seen against the backdrop of a large family - she won't be overlooked. I think that as maturity and life-experience round it out she has the potential to be greatly effective in her generation.

     regal. I'm not sure who wrote the rule, but if you are going to play dress-up properly you must use a British accent. You may not realize it, but Mary was born in Buckingham Palace. Her flounces and jewels are second only to her dainty voice and precise tea-drinking habits, replete with raised pinky.

     young. Mary somehow got stuck at 3 and a half. She simply refuses to grow beyond it. The sliding glass door for the backyard can be opened by every other member of the family (including her 3 year old brother, and at times her 1 year old sister) but never by her. She literally hops an eighth of an inch off the floor to show she can not be expected to reach anything above her shoulder. And the idea of gaining responsibility is anathema. She obviously discovered the Fountain of Youth and had herself a drink.