Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wisdom from Experience

Christopher and I took the kids to a treat for dinner tonight. We have a favorite hamburger joint in Salinas called, Margie's (it has great eats!). In order to get there we must drive over the Salinas River, as you see to the right. We drive over this river almost every time we go into Salinas. We discuss the name of this river, its headwaters and final dump into the ocean often. Our girls are very familiar with this river. So this conversation is what we heard from our 7-yr old and 5-yr old tonight.

"I see the river Hannah!" Bethany is generally easily excited and gets giddy at noticing the waters rushing below the bridge.

"Yea, I know. I see it to," Hannah plays bored.

"Oh look, there is an island in the middle of it. I wish I could be a fairy and live on the island." Bethany is already imagining all the creatures she would make-believe lived on this island, and how many children each one would have.

"What would it be called?" Out of sheer curiosity Hannah must ask. Usually she finds some minor fault with Bethany's plan and will tell her so.

"What the island? Hmmm... Bethany's Island, maybe. (pause) I just love the Jordan River."

"That isn't the Jordan River!" Hannah is in absolute disgust that her sister would get this wrong.

"It isn't? I thought it was..."

"No Bethany! The Jordan River is in Israel. We aren't in Israel. We live in California."


"No, that is the Sacramento River." And with that final piece of absolute knowledge Hannah ended the conversation.

PS - Hannah also knows that a mile is "2000 feet long" and was once again shocked that her sister did not know such elementary facts.

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