Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Treatski Kapoopski

We have a rather hilarious ritual in Odd of making up names, prefixes, and suffixes and sticking them onto existing words, so as to underline their meaning even more. Case in point: loves.

This handy little add-on enhances the not-so-pleasant aspect of certain duties. Example,
"Christopher, Leah has a dirty diaper and I can't get to it."
"Yuck, that's not loves."
"Sure it is, it is DDLs... dirty-diaper loves."

By making the loves into an acronym it especially points out the value of the experience. We have SLs (spank loves), TLs (tickle loves), PLs (pinch loves), DDLs (as you saw above), SULs (spit-up loves) and so on. The list is quite endless. Even the kids get into it now and we hear them say to one another, "It's okay, it was just wet-hug-loves".

Then we have, "not so much". This simple phrase can sufficiently sum up our feelings about certain activities, events or emotions without a huge explanation. Example,
"Do you like this movie?"
"Mmm, not so much."

It is best done with a slight rhythm through the phase, so as to add a cadence of underlying humor while still carrying its original intention.

Lately we have taken to adding, "-ski kapoopski" to the end of nouns for added embellishment. Example,
"I have a special treatski kapoopski for us after dinner."

We are getting some incredibly original versions of this from our children! Last night we took the kids to Dennis the Menace Park for a softball game that our dear friend Jill was playing, and to have fun in the park. Afterwards, we went to Baskin Robins for the final topper of the evening. On the way home this is what we heard,
"Thanks Mama for the treats pooky" - Bethany
"Those were great treepoopy ski" - Hannah
"I wike keepskoo keys" - Caleb
"sakoopee" - Leah
drool - Mary (but what can you expect?)

Ahh, the invigorating uses of the English language! Try a new version of our beloved vernacular today.

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