Wednesday, July 25, 2007

22 Weeks

Although it is still bordering on surreal that I am even pregnant, the fact is... I am. You would think that after doing this the number of times that I have I would get used to it... I don't. It still puzzles, and fascinates me that a little person is growing inside my body. A real human being, with tiny features, expressions, and even moods. I am not going to take on the whole Nature v. Nurture debate here, but I do believe that even in-utero babies can make their personalities felt (Leah is the striking exception to this rule). So what am I feeling now?

Lots of movement! Christopher was able to feel some really good kicks about a week ago. It is always exciting for me when others are finally able to experience the reality that I live with day in, and day out - there is an alien inside of me.

Fatigue! I am not sure what to blame it on - the other kids, my age, this pregnancy, my thyroid disease? Whatever the reason, the final result is the same, I am plum tuckered out most days. I don't ever remember being this tired before.

Unsettled! There are a number of things that still need to be decided, like a name both Christopher and I agree upon for both a boy or a girl. Where will the new baby sleep, and how will the rest of the sleeping arrangements ultimately work? I have a million little projects I would LOVE to accomplish before baby arrives, but I also need to be realistic about what I can actually execute, and what a professional team from TLC could do. Surprise by Design I am not (shocking, I know).

Excited! As baby begins to move more frequently the desire to meet this little person grows stronger, and stronger. Do we have a boy or a girl? What will this tiny person look like? I love the smell of newborns (I think my home in heaven will have a bottle of newborn air freshener waiting for me in my linen closet), and can't wait to have that little head snuggled next to my neck. One of the greatest treasures I believe God gives families with several children is the joy of participating in multiple sibling relationships. Each time I bring a new baby home it is precious to watch the older children fall in love with their youngest sibling, all exactly in line with their personalities. I can't wait.

We went last Monday for a regular obstetric appointment, and had an ultrasound done to confirm the edd, healthy development, and so forth. While the pictures I do have are sweet to us, they would probably look like slightly less gray dots in front of darker gray dots (they're feet actually). So I thought you would enjoy this picture, not of my baby, but nevertheless taken of a 22wk tiny person in-utero.

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