Tuesday, November 06, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Is...

We have entered a VERY good stage in life. Several of our children are finally old enough to actually communicate (effectively) what their desires are for Christmas presents! However, there appears to be some fine-tuning needed in the concept of REALITY. I asked the girls to make a Christmas wish-list for me a few weeks ago. They limited themselves to five things each (wow - you mean I am actually succeeding in teaching my children the value of a few appreciated presents rather than the glut of junk commercialism sells you?) but the five things they did choose... you can read it for yourself. I then added even more hilarity to my day when I asked Caleb and Leah what they wanted for Christmas...

1 - A Puppy (a dachshund to be exact)
2 - My Own Room (um, sure - right after we sell your brother and sisters)
3- A Horse (see above requirements)
4 - Jesse Apparel (this is actually quite sweet - it means she wants cowgirl clothes to match her cowgirl doll)
5- A Jewelry Box (this was what I had imagined)

1 - A Marble Run Set (okay, this seems more like it)
2 - Lincoln Logs (yep, obviously older and recognizing how to make the most of the wish-list)
3 - A Horse (maybe not quite old enough)
4 - A Dolphin (read it again. Yes, that is what she asked for. We will not only be selling all her siblings, but will be making arrangements for future children as well)
5- A Pool (presumably to keep the large aquatic mammal comfy?)

1 - An Ice Cutter (this is to cut all the ice that piles up in our backyard. When we explained that it rarely can I stress that enough? snows here he replied, "But I want to have it so when it does I can cut the ice." Yep.)

1- "Popcorn for breakfast at Auntie's when I put the star up in the beautiful tree that is so high." (no explanation needed)

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  1. Dorothy P.5:14 PM

    Sometimes, it helps when one asks for a little of the outrageous to ensure the consideration of the reasonable. :-)