Friday, February 22, 2008

Words Only

I think I might have a problem. You see I am beginning to see life in terms of blog posts. And I am kicking myself for opportunities lost! For instance, I just spent the better part of the past week and a half redecorating my kitchen, based on a new KitchenAid mixer in RED. And then I worked to transfer my whole office from a desk and file cabinet in a room to a hutch in my living room. Josiah now occupies the space in my office. But in both these instances I have NO BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS!! What was I thinking? You can't see how I used the top of my horizontal file cabinet as a changing table, or how the top two drawers were emptied and now are used as dresser drawers for Josiah's clothes. You can't appreciate the transformation from catch-me-all hutch to stunning office, which I completed by purchasing a 2" wood-boring drill bit to make precisely cut cord openings in the back of the hutch so that when the doors of the hutch are closed there are no unsightly cords hanging about. Oh what I wouldn't give to have had the presence of mind to snap off a few "process" pics of the transition from cradle to crib for Josiah. Alas, I have nothing to show for all my work, and hence nothing but words to give you in this post. At least you may know that I have not forgotten to blog. And if you are in the neighborhood you can stop by and see my new red kitchen, office hutch, and nursery.


  1. Dorothy Priolo10:48 AM

    That's okay, Trisha. An "after" picture would be swell if you'd like. Your description is quite vivid in itself! As you know, the blog is the modern day version of "Dear Diary..." So, the blog entry does so much to package a memory to make it stick instead of becoming one of days that run on into each other. Other friends of mine have blogs, too, and with them all, I hang on every word whether pics ae available or not. I suppose that is part of the entertaining challenge to paint the most vivid word picture. That's more than we often have left over time in our evaporating brain cells. BTW: I'm with you on the Kitchenaid red theme...I got a red Kitchenaid mixer, myself, after Christmas. Hope you are having as much fun using it as we are. Reminds me of getting a new car or something :-)

  2. you are so young and you have 6 children? WOW! I had 4 by the time I was 25, I miss those days with all the little ones running around. They are all grown and on their own now and I have 3 grandchildren, but oh what I wouldn't give to have those days back when they were small and our home was full of life and laughter. You have a lot of insight for your age and I enjoyed reading some of your posts. Keep on blogging, I'll stop by again some time when I need a lift. Thanks