Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

My girlfriend, Julie, who writes a blog as well (see it over on the sidebar... Watercolor Ponies) tagged me. So now I am "it". I have to share 7 little known facts about myself. Here goes:

#1 I have an obsession with hooks. If I can hang it from a hook, all the better. I have hooks for my bathroom towels, rather than towel bars. I have a whole row of hooks next to the front door for the kids' jackets. I have hooks for pot-holders, aprons, backpacks, towels, and if I could I would have more. Just wait until we own a home, and I can hook to my heart's delight.

#2 I have at least one clock in every room, and none of them are on the same time. My bedside clock needs to be 10 minutes fast so I get up on time (don't follow the logic, there is none); my microwave clock needs to be exactly correct for my husband, but the massive clock on the wall facing the microwave is fast by 2 minutes. And by the way, digital clocks don't count as real.

#3 I am taken by anything miniature. There is nothing like the absolute adorability of something large being shrunken down in size. I have a tiny bottle of dishwashing liquid on my drainboard that presumably serves the purpose of taking up less space than the large jug-o-soap I buy at Costco. The real reason however, is how cute it is in my kitchen. Tiny bottles, little baskets, miniature of any kind is darling to me. 

#4 I don't like taking showers (baths are even worse). I take them because I like to be clean. But if there were a way to manage hygiene without them, I would. The whole ordeal of cutting the time out of my day, washing (especially my hair), and then dealing with the blow dryer is just a headache I would rather forego.

#5 I thoroughly enjoy laundry, but only the washing, drying, and folding part; I can't stand putting it away! What a pleasure it is now that Hannah and Bethany (and sometimes even Caleb and Leah) can do it for me.

#6 My beverage of choice is plain wrap, Safeway brand, unflavored, room temperature,  aluminum canned, seltzer water. I drink roughly 4 a day.

#7 I do not know my multiplication tables past the high 6s by heart. In 3rd grade I was tested every week, for time, and never got the gold star next to my name. I am determined to learn them with Hannah!

So, what about you? What seven things would make me giggle? If you are so inclined I would love to have you comment on this post, and add your own "little known facts". 


  1. Thanks Trisha! That was fun. I am glad that you took the time to do that. I will never look at a hook again without thinking of you! :)

  2. Hey Trisha, this is great! I think the hook thing is so fun. As for those days you don't feel like showering, there is a new solution.

    Never tried it personally, but I hear it smells like fruit loops. How can you go wrong? All that for just $19 an ounce....or something like that. :) Practical for a mom of 6.

  3. Dorothy P.5:36 PM

    Okay - I've wanted to do this since your post came out. Now, I thought it would take a long time, but it only took about 5 minutes! Thanks for the fun goes. These are my 7 "things":
    1. Finding stray price tags, labels, size stickers (outside of the trashcan) is a huge peeve of mine.
    2. The Making of coffee in the morning helps me wake up almost as much as the coffee itself. I don't do as well if someone else made the coffee for me.
    3. Tall, capuccino coffee cups are my favorite. I have 6 of them. It seems the small surface area on top helps keep the beverage hot longer.
    4. The whole house may be a wreck, but serenity comes with clean kitchen and bathroom sinks.
    5. I've had the same travel backpack (with wheels) and 3-ring vacation binder for 10 years. I use them for organizing all manners of travel.
    6. I fell in love Van's brand of sneakers a few years ago. Then, I found out the company was founded in 1966, the year I was born. It all makes sense now.
    7. I have two things that I've kept since I was 7 years old: my Hallmark store-brand monogram "D" keyring and my first aqua crochet hook (imprinted "35 cents - size J").

  4. As a mom of 5 boys with a little girl on the way, I have quite the number of idiosyncrosies ( pretty sure I didn't spell that right)

    1. Even after having 5 boys, I cannot, will not be sticky. I hate anything sticky or anyone touching me who might be sticky.

    2. I hate trying new foods but force my children to try new things all the time

    3. I love order and quiet... yeah..

    4. I hate coffee and unless i am pregnant, I don't like chocolate

    5. I will still watch Dirty Dancing if it comes on TV.

    6. I clean other people's houses when they aren't looking

    7. I love to write poetry.