Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday's Tip


I live in a home with all hardwood floors so vacuuming, for me, is an absolute necessity - or at least it is if I don't want a sandbox in each child's bed, not to mention my own boudoir. But I have come to appreciate vacuuming in a far greater capacity, and the time I save is worthy of note in this, Tuesday's Tip.

I vacuum everything! Those special attachments that come with your machine are not just decorative items, but actually have design merit for specific purposes outside of whisking away trekked in dirt from your floors. Here is what I have found works at the end of my hose:

Small brush-lined nozzle - countertops, and tables. I no longer waste my time wiping up crumbs after meals... I vacuum them! Cleaning the table with a hot rag after the offending debris has been removed is so much easier than multiple trips to the garbage, washrag full of particulates.

Small brush - dusting, dusting, dusting. I vacuum end tables, bed moldings, baseboards, and even appliances rather than wiping, spraying, or paper towel-ing. The brush does a fairly decent job getting into intricate wood cuts, and I know I am not simply wiping around the dust.

Long skinny tube - my dryer's lint trap gets nicely cleaned with this treasure. It is also a gem for window and sliding door tracks.

Be creative with your Hoover, and you just might find a shortcut in your own cleaning routine.


  1. Or sucking up pesky mice?! :)

  2. I actually found myself laughing through this post! I often skip right over my vacuum and wonder, how in the world can I get this sand out of my door jam!? I seem to have lost part of my brain ;) I think I'll go grab and clean over nap time!

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Use the long skinny tube to get down between the cushions to get crumbs out, and, it works great between the seats and console of car.
    I use the mini rug attachment to vacuum off the tops of the couch and chairs.
    And to think I couldn't hardly get Trisha to vacuum her room!