Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Josiah The Gypsy

I posted a status to my facebook page, stating that Josiah was a gypsy. One of my friends commented that there was obviously a story behind my statement, and by the way, what a great title my status would make for the book. I took her words to heart, and sat down to pen this little ditty. Every word is true.

A little boy, no more than 2,
Whose mama loved him, through and through
Was often called, by that same mom
A crazy, little gypsy bomb.
Josiah Boy (JB for short),
Loved to play all kinds of sport;
Like drawing on white walls with pen
Though Mama always scolded him.
Broken toys and books were found
Strewn across the house’s ground,
And Mama cried from every room,
“JB the gypsies must presume
That I will love you even though
You bring to me unending woe.”
Her youngest son would turn and grin,
Melting Mama’s heart within.
So, he again would race away
Finding somewhere new to play.

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