Sunday, November 20, 2011


Mary announced her intention to run away one morning last week.


Yes, Mama. I'm going to run away. (long pause) Can I leave after breakfast?

Hmm, probably.

I won't be gone for very long. Only, maybe, 4 hours or so.

Oh, I see.

And I'm not going to leave Marina or anything. Just, you know, maybe go down to the library.

At this point Leah chimes in to ease me over the pain of letting my little girl leave home for the first time.

Mama, it's okay. I'll go with her. That way I can protect her.

You're going to go with Mary to protect her?

Yep. I can save her from wild animals. That way you won't need to worry about things like mosquitos.

Phew! I was worried.

PS - They decided staying on our street (thus ensuring their slice of homemade bread for lunch) was preferable to the adventures available in the greater Marina area.

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