Wednesday, February 21, 2007


It is now 1:03 PM and I am beginning this post. I say that because I am learning to touch type, and I am going to measure how long it takes me to finish this thing.

I bought a typing program for myself and Hannah in hopes that I would finally stop the "four-fingered wonder" typing I have been doing for ever. It is very hard to commit to working on touch type when you CAN type faster the "other" way. Hence the reason for starting Hannah now - she won't have to unlearn any bad habits (hopefully). (It just took me 4 tries to get that last period instead of a comma - thought you might like to know). Of course, Hannah's lets her "rollerblade" while mine just uses repetition to instill muscle memory. I think I might have gotten a rotten deal!

So you will all need to be a bit more patient with me as I work to integrate my new skills into my email and this thing. BTW - Christopher already knows how to touch type... so he can't use this excuse when trying to explain away the lack of posts *wink*.

It is now 1:17 and I probably could have typed this whole thing in under a few minutes the old way. But generally speaking I don't think that is too bad. (Other than that drat period again. Can't we just use commas?)

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