Friday, February 23, 2007

Entrepreneurial Skilz

Hannah and Bethany have entrepreneurial skilz in their blood. Because of this destiny, they are constantly working out ways to take advantage of the average Joe. How can they market a product that costs them next to nothing, while making a maximum profit margin, thereby freeing them from all money-making chores in our home. The latest is to manufacture a drink sure to please everyone...

Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, melted
Chocolate chips
Mix and serve in a cup
$10 per serving

Bubble Gum ice cream (to make it soft)
1 cup syrup
A little bit of cream (if you want it super creamy you put in a lot, if you want it just a little bit creamy you don't add as much, and if you want it medium then you just put in a medium amount)
Crunched up cherries
Add a little milk (1/2 a cup)
Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream (crunched up for the topping)
Mix in the blue Thatsa Bowl with a whisk
Serve in a cup
$15 per serving

They are already working on crowd control to manage the demand.

(It only took me 16 minutes to write this - that's like 12 words a minute!!!)

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