Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The 3-minute Rest

Caleb takes a "rest" each afternoon. This is very different from a nap in many ways. For instance, nap starts with "N" whereas rest starts with "R". The finer nuances would be almost impossible for you to understand.

Anyway, each day after lunch Caleb is instructed to go potty, and get into Mama's bed. He actually gets into both Mama and Daddy's bed but for reasons which only therapy will discover he calls it "Mama's".

The rule is that he needs to sleep, or stay in the bed, for a minimum of 2 hours. He usually manages this task rather well. And ever since he was convinced that his hero, Michaeldavi (distant cousin to Michelangelo), took "rests" to grow strong he is on board with the necessary pain of growing big. Sometimes however, it doesn't always go to plan. Like today.

1:00 - Caleb begins his rest.

1:45 - Caleb tiptoes downstairs and tries to steal himself into Mama's lap before she has a chance to notice the time, or the lack of pillow-face on her son.

"Son, you have not been in bed long enough to get up. You need to take a good rest."

"But I did!" whines Caleb, becoming so overly emotional that all chances for his argument about being well-rested have left the building.

"No buddy. You haven't even fallen asleep yet."

"But (his favorite word to start any sentence) I was up there for a whole minute."


"A whole minute?"

...he nods his head emphatically

"Son, you know that a rest is longer than one minute. How long are your rests?"

...sniffles because he knows he is on his way back upstairs

"3 minutes," and breaks into sobs at the idea of THREE WHOLE MINUTES.

He is now fast asleep in Mama's bed.

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