Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Hulk

You remember the Hulk. He was just another normal man but when he became enraged (always for the good of the people) he did that bodybuilding move that showed all his muscles while his shirt ripped off... oh, and he turned green. Well, we have a Hulk in our house.

It started with Hannah. At around the age of one, she began to clench her fists and tense her muscles so hard that she would shake. Christopher's cousin aptly named it "The Hulk", and once trained to the name Hannah would do her crowd-pleasing move on command. Since Hannah each of our children (some with greater success than others) have been members of the Hulk club. Our latest member is Mary.

Once again, it started when she was barely one, and by now she has it perfected. She sits in her chair, jaws locked, fists clenched, muscles shaking, tendons strained as she tries desperately to stop the villain... oh, and turn green.

1 comment:

  1. I cannot stop laughing! That picture truly captures the Hulk!