Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

Get up in the morning.

This probably seems overly simplistic to one, perhaps like yourself, who is thinking, "Why Trisha, you state the obvious." But I am learning that this little tip might just save my life. At least it will save my sanity.

A few mornings ago I allowed myself the sweet indulgence of sleeping until my children awoke. But forbidden fruit soon turns rotten, and within 3 minutes I was paralyzed with no less than 26 natural disasters on my hands.

Josiah needed changing.
Phoebe was crying, and hungry.
Leah needed her thumbguards (we are now using them for her) cut off.
Mary was squawking about going potty.
Phoebe was crying.
Bethany was asking me if she could watch a movie.
Caleb was tearing around the house looking for a wrestling match.
Oatmeal needed cooking.
Grain needed milling for bread, if we were going to eat lunch.
Phoebe was still crying.
Josiah needed to eat, but it was at least 10 minutes before the oatmeal was done cooking.
Hannah was asleep even though three of her siblings had already given her a wake-up call.
And I needed my chai.

I have no idea how I managed the morning, but somehow I made oatmeal, got bread to baking, nursed Phoebe while feeding Josiah, and even managed to get my chai. It all got done, but it wasn't pretty. So I learned this Tuesday's Tip for myself:

Wake up before your household. It allows you to manage your day so much better. You never quite recover from a beginning the likes of which I experienced the other morning. And the 30 minutes of sleep was not worth it!

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  1. Loving you Trisha and laughing because I totally understand that morning. I think I have had a few of those myself.

    Many blessings to all of you, Susan