Thursday, July 09, 2009

Crown of Splendor

My family and I recently ate at Costco for pizza. While sitting amongst the gawkers a sweet family mentioned how blessed we were to be given our children. We readily agreed! Leah picked up on our exchange (be not deceived into thinking that children don't have ears, which hear), and asked us when we were receiving our blessing. It led to a wonderful impromptu lesson of heaven, and the crowns we would receive for our sacrifice, and service to the Lord while here on earth. Leah was intrigued, and wanted to hear more. As I was relaying further the important truths we receive from scripture pertaining to heaven Caleb chimed in with his usual bluster of self-proclaimed wisdom.

Oh, I already know I have two jewels waiting for me.

*puzzled* Two jewels, Caleb? What are you talking about?

You know, for my crown. Yeah, I already got two.

Really? How did you do that?

Oh, that time I saved those two bugs. I could have squished them, but instead I let them crawl away. God is definitely going to give me two jewels for THAT. I might even get more.

After stating this obvious fact he went back to eating while nodding his head in agreement with his own declaration of reward-based merit. Meanwhile, Leah was taking this all in as points to ponder. I could already see her mind working out what insect she too might save from certain disaster (often by her own hand) in order to catch up with her illustrious older brother.

The heaven discussion was forgotten, and we went back to being a normal family eating pizza at Costco.

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