Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

Divide and Conquer... the electronic chargers, that is.

Between me and my husband there are some 7 portable electronic devices requiring charging. We were forever losing the adapter, searching for the plug, misplacing the specialized tip, ad nauseam. I finally realized that the answer was as simple as a few ziplock baggies, and a basket.

I use the quart size, because they are more durable than the standard sandwich bag, and withstand the abuse of being stuffed, tossed, and then shaken free of their contents again, and again. Also, the quart size has the white strip for labeling. I use a permanent marker to write clearly what apparatus goes with the cord, place them each in their own baggies, then throw them into my basket.

Now when I want to charge something I just grab the bag (tangle-free) from the basket, and take out the cord. You can even set the charging electronic on top of its bag so that when you are done all you need do is unplug it, put the cord directly into the baggy, and drop it back in the basket. Presto - ready for the next use!

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