Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Christopher and I have never felt personally attached to missions. We see the importance of them, and our church strongly supports them, so we kind of figured we would simply trust our church with our tithe and live vicariously through it. That all changed a few months ago when we met Jeff and Heidi Frazee. They have a heart for the Mali people in Africa, and just recently left after their commissioning service in San Jose. We are thrilled to see what God has in store for them.

Our attachment to them wasn't because of their desire to serve in Mali - we didn't know much about these people, or their needs. But rather there genuineness and willingness to be upfront with the uncertainty of what exactly God was doing with them. Jeff has a degree in visual art and uses the mediums of photographer and video beautifully. Heidi is a stay at home mom with her 5th baby on the way. They homeschool their small children. In other words, they aren't the missionaries we often see coming through First Baptist Church, Monterey. They struck us.

Christopher and I are now supporting the Frazees outside of our church giving. We have connected with Jeff and Heidi personally, and feel almost giddy with the prospect of being in their back pocket as they travel to France for a year (learning French) before continuing to Africa. Our heart to support them has obviously been communicated to our children. What a neat thing!

Hannah mentioned to me yesterday that she thinks she wants to be a missionary to Africa. I asked her why, and she simply replied that she, "just wanted to." Kenya was her nation of choice, and we chatted for a few minutes about the possibilities of this occupation. Then Caleb chimed in from the backseat.

I want to be a missionary too - to North Carolina.

Oh yeah, Caleb?

Yep. I am going to go there as soon as I learn the language.

Well, you let me know how that goes for you.

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