Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tonight at dinner we were discussing the relative merits of spiders. Well, mostly we were all bemoaning how icky spiders are, regardless of their food-chain necessity. Hannah made the astute observation that what really bothered people was the fact that spiders suck blood.

Leah was the first to comment. Bear in mind that earlier in this same conversation she made the rather outrageous statement that she LOVED spiders.

Ewwww. Yeah, that's icky. I don't like that.

So, you don't love spiders anymore, Leah?

Well, what I really don't like are the flying spiders that land on you, here (points to her arm), and then eat your blood. You know, torpedos. 

Leah continued eating her dinner. The rest of us all stopped, staring at her with a mixed expression of bewilderment and humor.


Yeah, torpedos.

You maybe mean, mosquitos?

Oh, uh huh, mosquitos.

She never stopped eating, and when Christopher and I erupted in laughter it was her turn to stare at us in bewilderment. I will never again look the same way at a mosquito.

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  1. AmyVR4:55 AM

    They are like little torpedos, aren't they? LOL!

    PS: I love the new title banner... what a beautiful picture!