Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bunk Beds

I don't mean to complain. Okay, maybe I do.

How on earth do you efficiently change the sheets on bunk beds - Specifically the top bunk (I find I am rather proficient with the bottom one)?

We have used bunk beds for seven years. That may not sound like a long time, but in terms of sheet changes it may as well be an eternity. And since my torture wasn't enough I went ahead and added a second set. These are full over full bunks, so managing the top mattress is even more cumbersome and awkward. O Joy!

I often wonder, as I again rationalize why I don't need to change those sheets just yet, if other parents allow their bunk bed using children to wallow in filth the way I do. I can't possibly be alone. Am I the only one missing the brilliant light bulb?

I come to your with my query because the unthinkable happened in my house last night. One of the children got sick in the top bunk. Ugh! I always loved the way my mom would put me in the bath while she changed my sheets. After the scary and uncomfortable ordeal it felt so good to climb into a clean bed. I want that for my own children. In fact, I did that for my own children until they moved into bunk beds. Now I have to opt for the pallet-on-the-floor version of a clean bed until morning when I can wrest the mattress over the guard rail, hoist the comforter back onto the bed, travel up and down a step stool countless times, and finally stretch myself out on the bottom bunk poking and pulling the blankets until they are smooth on top. I have finally learned how to manage the twin bunk by myself, but the double bunk is impossible to do alone. That just affirms the ridiculousness of this situation. How absurd is it that we need two adults to change a set of sheets?

There must be a better way...


  1. Laughing all the way through, I think the best way to change bunk beds is to get your kids to do it! Just joking...

  2. sadly, i don't think there is a better way. at least i don't think there is! we pull our twin over twin out from the wall to get both sides and jason and i both do it. if i'm not around he flips the top mattress on it's side and does it that way. i can't imagine having to get around the full...ack! sorry you had a sick child, there isn't anything worse. i hope you all are feeling well soon.

  3. One of the reasons we don't have bunk beds!

  4. Anita8:35 PM

    We just took our bunk beds down. Now we don't have this struggle, but I do find I stub my toe EVERY time I go by the beds now. One problem traded out for another...