Friday, July 27, 2012


Phoebe has a way of expressing herself. Mostly it uses loud vocalizations punctuated with demands. If she weren't so cute it would be altogether intolerable. Occasionally she reaches the even exaggeratedly lenient point of breaking for her daddy. However, she has a nearly extra-sensory ability to recognize the warning signs and pull off a coup d'├ętat. Her most recent exploit is quickly turning legendary.

Christopher needed some Phoebe love and was trying to get her to oblige him when she turned to him, entirely without guise, and said, "Pop queezing my shurtle!"

For those not in the know it translates, "Stop squeezing my shoulder." It not only succeeded in ending the offensive attentions of her beloved father, but caused us to both erupt in a flood of laughter as she stood neatly facing us. 

Once again her demands were entirely met.

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