Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Evangeline Hope


Her name comes from the Greek word euangélion and means good news. Literally it is the good news - the gospel of Jesus Christ. But her name has a sweetness beyond its connection with our Savior. It reminds us that something beyond the harrowing ups and downs of these momentary circumstances waits for us. And it encourages us that even when times are dark, there is encouragement. There is hope.

How apropos that her middle name should then be Hope. Yes, we chose a name for our sixth daughter that would always conjure the blessing of that silver lining to the dark storm clouds. We had her name picked before we met her. However, upon seeing her it is obvious that God knew her name as well because she is absolute perfection bundled into the sweetest 7 pound package you can image. 

Breathing her in draws you to a wonderful place that speaks of peace.

I love her.

Evangeline Hope
July 6, 2012

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  1. Carolyn8:43 PM

    She is so very beautiful.