Sunday, August 26, 2012

Freezer Meals (part 1)

I am adding "part 1" to this title in the hopes that it will motivate me to actually create useable freezer meals for my family and thereby necessitate a Freezer Meals (part 2). I know there are a million and one blogs, websites, books and facebook posts that espouse the wonders of make-ahead freezer meals for pennies on the dollar. I have even read at least a zillion of each. The problem is that they rely heavily on 3 things:

casseroles with several ingredients
tomato based sauces

All of these are mighty no-nos in my house. We have multiple dairy allergies, and possibly a nursing baby that is going for gold in dairy sensitivity. Also, I'm completely against cooked, stewed, juiced or souped tomatoes. I love fresh tomatoes in all varieties, but once they are processed I actually gag on just the smell. That means I can't make:

spaghetti sauce
sloppy joes


cream of soup anything
cheesy anything

I hope you can appreciate my quandary. Lesser women would swoon at the prospect of creating an entire frozen meal plan using only duck tape and dried lentils, but I am here to take the challenge. Of course I must also add the other allergens known within my family. So I'll be skipping egg based dishes, recipes that include carrots and peas, or entrees that rely heavily upon potatoes. Also on the chopping block (pun fully intended) are peanuts, sesame seeds, tree nuts and apples. Ah yes, I'm remembering why I don't bake casseroles... because I can't use beef, any byproduct of dairy and oats are a big no-no.

However, I'm not letting this get me down! After all, duck tape is extremely versatile and it even comes in different colors.

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