Thursday, September 06, 2012

Well, It's True!

We have a section of highway close to our home called the cutoff. This little nickname is supposed to inspire confidence in you because it "cuts off" time from your journey when traversing our peninsula. What isn't readily expressed in the name is the twisting, winding, vortex of terror that is the road. Add to it the sheer drop off around every bend and you can imagine my children's delight when we must drive on it. Every one of my older seven little people have begged for mercy at one point or another.

Tuesday night was Phoebe's turn.

From the time we were half through the cutoff until we were 10 minutes on the other side of it my precocious 3-year old gave our entire family this running commentary:

That was a scary, dark, twisty road. That was so scary. It was dark and a twisty road. Yep, that road was dark and it scared me. It was twisted and dark. It was scary because it was dark. I was scared of that twisty road. It was too dark.

I finally interrupted her soliloquy and sagely turned her mind to scripture.

Phoebe, the bible tells us to think about things that are lovely, excellent and worthy to be praised. We should think about those things that are pure and honorable and true above all else. I'd like you to think about Jesus. What can you tell me about him?

Oh, Jesus! He died on a cross on a day that was dark and scary.

Our entire van erupted into laughter and Phoebe responded with complete innocence and clarity.

Well, it's true!

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