Thursday, September 20, 2012

High-Low #263b

So, apparently it is necessary to give some background information in order for a punch line to carry the joke.

My apologies.

Let me try to explain our last High-Low Game. Bethany has quite a habit of waking her siblings in ways less than... appreciated. "Make a joyful noise," comes quickly to mind. She has even been known to jump on Hannah, Leah and Mary in an attempt to share her love for everything early.

This is not entirely understood by her sisters. In fact, I think there may be times when they downright resent Bethany's presentation of dawn each day. I've heard the murmurings. Several of them have been working on a plan to exact revenge.

And then Mary made her move.

A couple mornings ago Mary thrilled with the realization that she was up before her early bird sister. She rubbed her hands in glee when I announced that I wished her to awaken her sisters. With a twinkle in her eye she bounded down the hall already finding great hilarity imagining the reaction of Bethany to a good dose of her own medicine. She burst into their room, began singing "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory" (Bethany's favorite Battle Hymn Of Awakefulness when playing this game herself) and flew through the air landing on Bethany's bum.

Bethany's response was somewhat... anticlimactic. Well, to be entirely frank she responded with the tact of a wet cat. Shrieking at Mary for so rudely waking her put an abrupt halt to Mary's imagined glee at gaining the upper hand on her prankster sister.

Perhaps now Mary's response to High-Low makes better sense:

Low: Bethany's response to me jumping on her this morning to wake her up.

High: Jumping on Bethany this morning to wake her up.

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