Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

For two years Bethany has been graciously, courageously, and patiently growing her tresses for an organization called Locks of Love. We painstakingly measured her hair against the "10inch rule" that LoL asks for, wondering each time if this month was THE month for a haircut... and at last it was.

We had to wait two weeks before we could get in to see our hair-stylist Jules, and every day Bethany asked how many days until her appointment. Finally the day arrived. She had me braid her hair for the last time, and asked every 20 minutes if it was time for us to leave yet. Daddy took the picture of her hair down right before we walked out the door.

It was a great evening for girlie time, and before we went to the salon Bethany and I had dinner at Carrows. While waiting for our food I asked her if she knew what style she might like for her short hair. She immediately responded, "Yes, but it is a hard decision between slanted like this (she placed her hand at an angle against her cheek to indicate a cut that was slightly higher in the back and longer in the front), or curved around like this (she drew a scalloped pattern in the air all around the bottom of her imaginary new hairline)." Hmmm... how exactly does one handle the disappointment that after two years of work there is no way the "curved" hair-do will... well, do. I remember once upon a time thinking it would take care of so much fuss if I could just get the bottom of my hair permed in one curl, to save me the trouble of using a curling iron.

"Well sweetie (stall for a moment so as to look like I am pondering this most legitimate question), I imagine it would be very hard for Miss Jules to cut your hair into curves, and then make it stay perfect after brushing it. I think it would be better to plan on the slanted cut, which would look darling on you." Praise God this sufficed!!

Bethany was eager for the full grown-up experience, and upon our arrival at Soleil Hair and Beauty Salon immediately asked Jules if she would get her hair washed in the "special sink"? Once she was assured that there would be no cheating during her appointment she sat back, and enjoyed the ride!

And now... presenting the new Bethany Joy!


  1. Congratulations on such a long time of growing, Bethany! I know that you must be so proud of yourself for doing such a great thing. Your new hair cut is darling!

  2. Carrie Hillyer6:12 PM

    You look beautiful sweetheart! Although I loved your hair long, I think you look great with it cut short!

    Love you,
    Auntie C