Thursday, September 13, 2007

Monterey County Fair

In recognition of my birthday (8/15) Monterey County celebrates with the annual Fair. I appreciate their well wishes for my health and happiness. And it certainly makes me feel special that they go to the trouble of showing me how much they care by devoting an entire event to the purpose. Out of kindness to their efforts we don't miss it, and every year finds us (with whatever baby is little that year) pushing a stroller, wrangling several small children, keeping up with a Nana, and carrying all manner of miscellaneous treasures down the fairway. Similar to our 4th of July expedition, this one is simply not to be missed. Period.

The main event is a tie between fairfood (all one word because, I think you would agree, it is a food group all its own - like vegetables, or grains), and the animals (be they livestock or the altogether bizarre human entertainers). We ate corn dogs, bbq, kettle korn, dipped ice cream, and pizza. We skipped the funnel cake, for reasons only God can forgive. Then we petted baby ducklings, watched dogs jump way to high in the air, saw a juggler do interpretive dance while maintaining control over 4 fiery batons simultaneously, and enjoyed our favorite band The Amazong Harmonatras perform using all five of our children. I genuinely believe my little people think heaven is the Fair, with Jesus somewhere down in the carnival giving out free ride tickets!

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