Sunday, September 23, 2007


Christopher and I watched a movie several years ago where the characters played the game, High-Low. We instantly resolved to bring it into practice in our own family. We love this simple way of connecting with our children and each other. The rules are easy:

High - what was your highest point during the day/ event/ trip/ year.
Low - what was your lowest point during the day/ event/ trip/ year.

Today's (Sunday) High-Low
FYI - Hannah and Bethany walked up and down the streets in our church's surrounding neighborhood putting informational leaflets about our children's AWANA program on doorknobs.

H - Seeing all the different kinds of houses when we were out.
L - My aching feet from walking so far.

H - I got to choose to which street I wanted to walk, the up street or down street.
L - We had to walk so far!

H - Watching the movie (Prince of Egypt) after rest time.
L - Getting disciplined. (talking back to Daddy)

H - Plus, I ran around.
L - I no like hurting my hair.

H - Pooping in the tub.
L - Trying to tell my Mama and Daddy what I want even though I refuse to give up the ghost and actually SPEAK.

H - Having a leisurely getting-ready-for-church time this morning. I am usually a lot more stressed about being late, and this morning it just didn't bother me as much, and I enjoyed the slower pace of our morning.
L - Disciplining the kids.

H - Christopher let me take a 2+ hour nap!
L - Mary pooped IN the bathtub at the end of bath time.

What was your High/Low today?

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