Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

I realize that some of the things I have learned from trial and error over six children might help someone else... before they deliver their sixth child! I am beginning "Tuesday's Tip" in an effort to share what may be helpful to you. The first one is certainly one of my favorites!

Layered bed sheets. I think I would take this into my own bed if I could find a way to do it! I don't know how many of you love to change your child's crib sheets - especially when you have the added bonus of tying and untying the bumper pad, in the middle of the night, with a fussy baby who just threw up everywhere. No fun! This simple recipe takes loads of hassle out of this frustrating situation!

-Remove the crib mattress entirely and place a crib sized waterproof pad followed by a white sheet onto the mattress. Follow with alternating waterproof pads and colored/patterned crib sheets. I usually layer about 6 sheets. Now, every time your sweet one pees, throws up, or just needs a new sheet all you have to do is whisk off the top layer with pad to reveal underneath a completely clean sheet! When you get to the white sheet you know you are at the bottom. I recommend Carter's Waterproof Mattress Crib Pads as the most thorough in keeping larger messes, like a diaper that leaked at the beginning of nap, from seeping all the way through to the layer beneath. However, be aware that only plastic (which does not breathe well) is truly "waterproof" - everything else will leak eventually.

Replace the mattress, attached your bumper and voila, you have just beat the system. Now when that accident occurs you can have a clean sheet in a jiffy, without all the fuss.


  1. Carolyn9:01 AM

    Good tip! I will definitely use this if I have another child :)
    (Where were you 20 years ago??!!)

  2. Dorothy P.1:47 PM

    This is a swell idea. Too bad the concept couldn't be carried over to clothing, too...particularly, shirts and socks.

  3. As a mom of ..almost.. 6 ( number 6 due in May) I found this to be a cool idea. Now.. if I can just figure out how to afford all those waterproof pads...hmm...

  4. Carolyn - You don't need to have any more of your own - set the crib up and I will send the newborn over at about the time their cry changes from that almost sweet tiny squeal to the full-blown scream (the one where they take the breath to prepare for it).

    Dorothy - hmmm, you have me thinking. Perhaps I can become independently wealthy if I made the first multi-layered, odorless sock wearable in all sizes, with fun fashion colors, and organic cotton to boot.

    Shona - I registered for them for baby showers, and also asked family/friends to forego the clothes (have bins full!) in order to buy me some of these!

  5. Layered crib sheets saved me many times. At 3am it can become difficult to maintain your equilibruim while trying to stay awake, keep fussy baby asleep and change the bed.

    I have saved by waterproof crib pads 'just in case'. You never know when you may need them. I have been known to use them under the Christmas tree stand in case I feel the desire to have my children water the tree...