Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spray or Stream?

There is a universally recognized division of camps in this world - the dividing line a clear mark in the sand. Do you prefer cats, or dogs? Drink tea, or coffee? Early bird, or night owl? Spray, or stream?

This last one was not previously understood by myself until my husband so clearly, consistently, and stubbornly insisted on it. What is it, you ask? It is the way you prefer the water to flow out of the kitchen sink, when given the option.

In the process of our kitchen overhaul we purchased a beautiful farmhouse stainless steel sink. This wonderful addition required a new faucet, as the previous one was tired, scratched, and rather ugly. Our choice was an elegant arching faucet. The designers used a minimalist look, so the whole package has a sleek, no nonsense feel to it. But they didn't want to skimp on amenities, and included a detaching nozzle built into the stem, as well as hidden buttons that switch the water between spray and stream. Brilliant.

Christopher and I both really enjoy the new kitchen sink functionality. Being able to pull the nozzle out to rinse the sink is invaluable. And I greatly appreciate the spray option when needing to rinse off an exceptionally soiled utensil, or plate. But the pay-off for this is water splattering everywhere from the height, and pressure of the spray bouncing off dishes, and even the sink itself. Apparently my husband has not received this memo.

I began noticing that every time I turned the faucet on after he had been using the sink the spray option was always activated. I thought it odd that he was consistently stuck rinsing the aforementioned " exceptionally soiled utensil, or plate," but thought nothing more of it. A week passed, then another, and another until finally I was watching him do dishes one evening and noticed the faucet was permanently switched to spray.

Oh, hon your nozzle is on spray.


Well, don't you want to switch it to stream? It won't splash everywhere that way.

No. The spray works better.

You mean you choose the spray for everything?

Of course. Don't you?

No! The stream provides a much better wash, and makes way less mess.

So you turn the nozzle to stream all the time?

Turn it to stream? You mean you switch it back to spray?

We both stopped, and began laughing. Christopher thought the kids were playing with the nozzle, and constantly turning the water back to stream after he corrected it to spray. Its understood proper setting. I thought Christopher was forgetting to reset the nozzle from finishing some highly specialized task requiring the unique, but certainly not general purpose, use of the spray. We were in opposites camps!

I still use stream, almost without exception; and I am now convinced he turns it to spray even if only filling a glass of water for the kids to drink. Its okay though, since I am actively working to brainwash the children to recognize the superior choice.


  1. Dorothy P.8:54 AM

    As Donkey from the movie Shrek might say, "I like that faucet. That's a niiiice faucet." You made a good selection, both aesthetically and functionally. The style of faucet definitely goes with the style of sink.
    But, srsly, the beauty of this conundrum (if you happen to think it is one) is the fact that there IS a SWITCH between the two styles of water output. A real battle would have occurred at the store when choosing a style of faucet if the stream or spray would have been only available in one faucet assembly or another. (ehhh... makes me cringe just to think about it) But, now, since you both thoroughly utilize the water distribution device to its fullest potential, your only concern will be whether you will WEAR OUT the button, switching it back and forth. The church's large kitchen has a faucet like this, and I must say that I am one who switches between the two styles of output depending on the activity at hand. Coffee pots do well with the stream when I'm filling them. Rinsing down the sink goes quickly when the spray setting is used (compensating for the remarkably low water pressure that normally occurs at the church's faucets). Here's a wonderful discovery I made: I can use the spray setting when the faucet is opened less, and it doesn't make a mess! Certainly, there is a limit to the range of "spray" available, because if the water is on little enough, it reverts to stream.
    In conclusion (alright, already!), I can't say that I am strictly a fan of either "spray" or "stream". Just call me ambiaquous.

  2. OK, I couldn't find anywhere to email or msg you, so I am putting this here, and the only reason I am telling this to you, is because I know you will understand. I have five boys and a girl on the way. I wanted to share with you somethings I learned today.

    1. Just because mom's bedroom door opened once, when it was locked, Does NOT mean it will open again. And that hinges that are painted over are really hard to pull up.

    2. Crystal light punch, is JUST like all other fruit punches. It turns your counters, fridge, floors and clothes.. red.

    3. Just because a your almost potty trained child is dry, does not mean he didn't tinkle in the cabinet under the TV

    4. A 22 month old can in fact open the fridge, take out the eggs and .. well, you get the picture.

    5. Just because you put two toddlers in the van with both shoes and socks on does not infact mean that you will take 4 socks and 4 shoes out of the van. Muchless on the child they were on to begin with. ( Still looking for two socks from two different pairs )

    6. They don't need you until you need 5 minutes alone ( or have to go tinkle)

    7. MOMMY I'M BLEEDING!!!! Does not mean that the child is actually bleeding.

    8. When having a sun room the size that can accomodate roller skating, expect..well.. roller skating.

    9. Homeschooling ( or virtual schooling in our case) is not as flexible as you might think, nor is it Easier than "real" school. Expect your th grader's math to exceed all you ever learned in college.

    10. That even though I have had the worst day I have had in a very long time.. a simple "I love you mommy" or A giggle from behind the couch, or that same 22 month old trying to tickle me.. reminds me just how blessed I am and how wonderful God is. When I am ready to just scream, or pull my hair out, I look at their faces and remember how much I wanted a large family and I sigh, and smile.. and ask myself what in the world were you thinking????

    I wouldn't have it any other way. Most days. Today.. *shrug* I'm thinkin' hey.. a one way trip to the Bahama's might be nice. But then.. I burn so easily.