Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

This Tuesday's Tip is about my favorite chore... folding laundry. Ha! Is there any other activity more filled with monotonous boredom than folding millions of pairs of underwear? I know none.

So, I stopped.

Well, I stopped folding all those little things that our grandmothers ironed, like underwear and socks. Bibs and burpies went by the wayside as well. I purchased plastic tubs, drawer dividers, and cute baskets so each item has a contained home whether it is visible on a shelf in my living room, or tucked away in the closet. I buy one brand of white socks, and one brand of black socks for both my husband and son. This frees me from finding and pairing mates since every sock matches every other. The girls have chosen to spend a few minutes finding matches in order to have cute socks. Hey, more power to them *wink*. But honestly, when was the last time you thought to yourself:

Man, am I glad my underwear were folded because the time I spent doing that REALLY improved my day!



  1. I am right there with you. I read a quote once that said, "Life is too short to fold your underwear." I haven't folded any since. And not one person in our house has even complained about that!

  2. Dorothy P.10:33 AM

    Okay, I concur the silliness of the need to be neat for its own sake. General segregation of chonies vs. socks is helpful in case you need to see when the supply is getting low. I, too, stick to one brand for socks, but the sock manufacturers are running the same scam as the shampoo folks. As soon as I commit to a brand, they change some little thing about it, and the system is shot. With shampoo, I get annoyed but I can adapt (or change brands altogether in protest), but with socks, if they vary the sock height or the color of the brand-name thread, then compliance to the "pick any white sock" system is difficult to sell. Perhaps the bright side is that my kids wear out socks quick enough that if I have to ditch the tattered supply of socks and replace 100% in order to keep the scheme going, it was probably time to buy new inventory anyway.

  3. My roommate always spends so much time on her socks and underwear...its sad really.