Friday, March 13, 2009

Leah's Three Friends

Leah has a few friends. One is Ariel. Sally is another. Hotspotch is a third. Ariel plays only when she is not nearing death either as a result of disciplinary action taken against her using the penal code for lying to Leah or, some fatal wound she incurred while going about her business-as-usual. Sally doesn't say much, since she is usually in Leah's tummy awaiting birth. And Hotspotch doesn't like Caleb, so the two can't play much because Leah has some, albeit fickle, familial loyalty. Take, for example, the following conversation overheard between Caleb and Leah in reference to Hotspotch.

Hotspotch doesn't like you Caleb. I don't play with him very much because he could beat you out.

Leah, Hotspotch couldn't beat me out.

Yep, he could Caleb.


Because he is big. And he doesn't like you.

But I don't like Hotspotch.

No, Caleb. Really! You are just plain 5, and I am just plain 4, but Hotspotch isn't even regular 6 he is real 6, and he can beat you out.

*gives an exasperated sigh* Leah! It isn't "beat you out" it's "beat you up." And Hotspotch can't even touch me, because I have so much real army gear that I could totally win.

Word must have reached Hotspotch about Caleb's covert-ops training (gear), because he has taken to cover leaving only Leah to defend his "real 6" prowess.


  1. That is hilarious! I love little kid conversations and your kiddos come up with some great ones!

  2. I really enjoyed this story. Leah insisted on leaving her half of bagel for Ariel when she was at my house. The conversation with Caleb is priceless.