Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am nesting... although what I am doing looks closer to a crazed woman forgetting to take her green pill, and trying to act normal without it! Something in me clicked about 3 weeks ago, and I don't know if anyone, myself included, is going to survive.

So far I have painted two bedrooms, settled on final themes for the boys' room, the master bedroom, and getting closer to a decision in the girls' room. I purchased the much anticipated large area rug for my living room, and awkwardly unrolled it by myself (because I wasn't willing to wait an hour until my husband got home). I dragged Christopher to Home Depot, where we special ordered the mirrored closet doors for our bedroom, and when I got home I got the idea of going back to purchase, and install, bi-fold louvered closet doors for the kids' rooms. I am planning on checking into them this weekend. I have the girls' bedroom to paint (pale pink, with stripes on one wall), pictures to take (black and white of the kids) and frame, the schedule to make for everyone watching the kids while I am in the hospital, care to arrange, and transportation to finalize. I have a vinnette pictured for the end of my bed, and now I just need to find the perfect, slightly distressed, black ladder-back chair to complete it. My kitchen is nearly finished, with a carpenter coming today to install the two missing drawers absent since escrow. I will need to paint them, but that's minor! I have vines I purchased which need to be planted, weeds which need to be pulled, indoor plants which need to be hung, outdoor plants which need to be pruned. The baby clothes need washing, moses basket trimmed, layette purchased, hospital bag packed, toenails painted, hair cut, and allergy appointments managed for several of the kids. My auto-pay bills need to be confirmed, and any necessary hand-paid bills must be arranged so they don't fall due while I am in the hospital, or during my immediate recovery at home. I want to wash the slipcovers on my couch and chair, do a thorough linen change for the entire house, scrub the bathrooms, and mop my entire home (hardwood floors). I have clothes to finish sorting, packing, and stacking, at least 2 trips to the Salvation Army in the works, a television to offload, and one AWANA trophy that desperately needs a home other than my mantle. 

I don't think this is unreasonable. I think that may be an unreasonable thing to think.


  1. In our last house, I painted wide pink stripes in Sofia's room- loved, loved, loved it. Now we have blah-do-not-paint-the-rental walls color. I still own that pretty room, too, and most of the time feel blessed another little girl is enjoying it and her parents are paying our mortgage. Sigh. Happy painting!

  2. Sounds a lot like what I am going through, other than remodelling. Wiping down the entire house, including the baseboards, vaccuuming EVERYWHERE ( have this cool vac that does tile and hardwood) the kitchen and bathrooms, etc, etc, etc. The list just goes on. And my wonderful husband, having to deal with my OCD and having been through this six times now, barely says a word, barely a grumble when he is drafted into helping, God bless that man. You don't have much longer now, I on the other hand have 8 weeks from today before we welcome our first ( and only ) little girl.