Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coming Soon...

I am really excited that several loose ends are finally coming together, and just in time! I am a smidge over 36 weeks pregnant, and until several days ago was still up in the air about a few, rather important details - like the date of my cesarean. Well, the much anticipated arrangements are set, and I am scheduled for delivery on April 27th at noon. I am thrilled that it isn't at 7am, like some of my other babes!

More good news is that my OB has finally made significant headway with the new pain management system I requested. After 5 cesareans the 2 things I detest the most are the administration of my anesthesia, and the postpartum pain management procedures which include intravenous morphine - basically putting me into drunken stupor for the first 36 hours - then the frustration of staying on top of which nurse initiates my pain meds, and which ones wait for me to call. Breakthrough pain on an abdominal wound approximating 10 inches long is really not something I enjoy. I learned about an older, but incredibly overlooked method of administering pain medication directly to the incision site through a soaker-line sewn into the incision, and attached to an external pump. A representative from the company making the product is scheduled to come to my doctor's office next week, and teach her the procedure for utilizing the technology. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?

I am finishing up the painting this weekend! I actually took the stripes planned for the girls' wall down a notch. So, rather than making them variegated and mulit-colored I will alternate equally between the light pink of their other walls, and a darker pink. I can always go back and add more, later.

Christopher is making racks to house our nearly 2 cords of oak he cut down for next winter's heat. He should finalize that "little" project this weekend. He already organized the tools and fasteners that were strewn between 3 boxes in a haphazard manner left over from the move. All the outlets and switches in the house have been replaced with gleaming white new ones. And he only has a few more boxes in our room which need his direct attention.

Yep, things are coming together! It always does.

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