Friday, April 10, 2009

Rescue Heroes

We were given a used dvd of a Fisher Price toy line turned cartoon called Rescue Heroes. The action figures are discontinued, and even the dvds are hard to find, but this gem has become a household name for our home. The premiss is simple - men and women representing the different branches of civil rescue services (policeman, fireman, mountain ranger, etc) combatting life-threatening natural disaster to save humankind. Everyone loves the episodes, Caleb most of all!

This morning we were watching while a sub-character helps the Rescue Heroes save a boy from drowning. The sub-character must perform CPR on the boy in order to resuscitate him. Once the boy is conscious the Rescue Heroes applaud the sub-character for, "saving a life." Caleb instantaneously turns to me and says, "I have saved a life."


Uh huh. Once there was a boy who was skateboarding on this board, and he was going like this, *stretches his arms out to mimic someone working to keep their balance* and I told him to keep his feet on the board, and not fall off.

And that saved his life?

Yep. 'Cause he listened to me, and kept his feet on the skateboard instead of falling off and dying.

Caleb turned back to the episode, full of the grace that comes from humbly doing the duty of rescue work to a world in need of your help.

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