Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

I have been challenged to find something even a college girl could put to use. I am prepared with this Tuesday's Tip.

Keep a small "essentials" bag with you at all times. Here's what you need:
-See-through plastic make-up bag (mine is pink *grin*). Using the see-through version makes finding items a snap. 
-baby finger nail clippers (they work just as well for hang nails, and on the go needs but are smaller)
-a couple of band-aids (if you can't raid your kids' first aid drawer go all out and splurge on Care Bear, or Lightening MacQueen)
-small pill bottle with 2 doses of all pertinent over-the-counter meds you might take such as tylenol, advil, sinus and allergy, antacid, and dramamine
-chap stick
-eye drops
-floss (think bigger than oral hygiene... need to tie a mattress on top of your car, and in a rush?)

Of course there are other things that may apply to you personally, but try and keep it small. The idea is not to pack an overnight bag, but to genuinely limit yourself to items that are necessary in a pinch. Think MacGyver.

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