Saturday, February 07, 2009


Leah has never before eaten dinner. At least that is how it may appear to outside observers of my daughter's favorite eating routine. Leah prefers to eat her meals spread out - over, say, 4 days. During days one through three she subsists on a small bowl of oatmeal, two pieces of homemade bread, and perhaps some carrots for a days worth of nutrition. She never complains of being hungry; and will eagerly look forward to whatever meal I made only to eat the approximate serving size of an underdeveloped turtle. It's not very impressive. But then, lo and behold, day four arrives and she grows a second stomach to accommodate the extra food ingested for the occasion. Tonight's meal: Fish and Rice

3 battered and fried filets
2 cups of rice
1 cup sliced carrots
3 thick slices of homemade bread (I should note that this bread is made from fresh milled wheat, and one slice is roughly equivalent to an entire loaf of store-bought bread)
12 ounces of milk

When she finally completed her marathon event we asked her if she was full.

Hmmmm... maybe.

She had eaten more than anyone else at the table - save her father. It was his fourth day, too.

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