Sunday, February 08, 2009

Girl Play Boy Play

Girl Play
Scene 1: interior day; box of plastic animals or dolls in miniature scale; two girls sitting across from one another cross-legged in smart outfits - no stains.

Girl 1 (in British accent) - Oh dear, Brianna! I must get my hair done today or it will never do for the ball. Could you please take care of this mess?

Girl 2 (also in British accent) - Of course. Here, you sit right down and let me take care of everything.

Girl 1 - Can my pony come as well? She needs a set and curl.

Girl 2 - Oh, I would love to have her. She can come into the special part of my salon made for ponies. I just had it put in yesterday.

Girl 1 - She can be a little shy. I will call her.

Girl 2 - I have a pony too. Maybe they can be friends.

Boy Play
Scene 1: outdoor day; one of each strewn on grass: skateboard, bike, scooter, helmet, large stick, wooden rifle; two boys in holey jeans and grass-stained shirts are standing close to one another; one of them is bleeding.

Boy 1 (guttural) - Hiya!

Boy 2 (also guttural) - Umph!

Boy 1 - ARRGGH!

Boy 2 - Pshew! Pshew!

Boy 1 - Oooo!

Boy 2 - Yeeeeeaaaaaa!!

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